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May 20, 2004
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Hey all,

Here are some new pictures of the Montana 4340 open station at work. This guy uses the heck out of his machine and it is just performing effortlessly.

New 4340 pictures.

He does logging, field prep, clean up, snow removal, road maintnance etc.

I took these pictures 2 days ago.. This is primarily logging work but the property has junk cars all over so he has to clean up the cars and other junk as he does the logging.

The 4340 is an awesome machine. Some of the other pictures are another U.S. Forrester with his 4340 with Tajfun Log winch. Hope you like them.

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Just stumbled on this brand. Looking for a new tractor to replace my 20 year old JD 750. I use it mostly to skid firewood. I am looking at the MT 3840. The only thing I am concerned about is how low the bottom loader support arms are in terms of ground clearance. This New England land is extremely rocky so gc is important to me. The picture of the guy logging with his MT 4340 seems encouraging but I am not familiar with the terrain he does his work in. The JD has very little problem with its gc. I am just looking for a more powerful tractor and JD wants 20 grand for its 990
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If your in the Area We have over 20 tractors in stock in Connecticut,Where in New England are you from ?
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The 3840 is an incredible tractor. Our terrain is very rocky as well as very heavy timber with lots of ground obstructions and the 3840 has no trouble whatsoever.

I have several customers with them and they love what that tractor is capable of doing. Very, very good tractor. Do you have a dealer near you? Where are you located?

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I'm in RI. Mostly hardwoods with many ground obsructions
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I have a Montana 4540 COMPACT.

I live in flat Oklahoma, with not too many ground obsticals, so I'm not too much help on that.

However I can tell you while you look at the different models of Montana's in the compact series ALL pretty much share the same chassis and would have pretty much the same ground clearance. If you go to a UTILITY model (4340, 4740, or 5740) you gain some additional ground clearance, width, length, weight, etc. You also have a lot more operator station room, if that is a consideration.

my 2 cents
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Those LG tractors look pretty good.. are the actually build and engineered by LG or renamed/rebadged by another company?
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They are designed and built by LG Agricultural. LG Agricultural website

Excellent tractors built very well with many standard features.