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Oct 16, 2010
By the lake in NH & FL
2011 MF 2410 TLB
:dance1: Here are some photos that I was asked to post.

And my first trench for a conduit line.


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Great pics. Love your rustic home. I sold my D-log home with a green roof this past Winter in MO due to job relocation. Nice Massey. Love all the equipment you have for it. Great multipurpose setup you got there.:thumbsup:
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Great tractor, gorgeous house, fantastic view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great Job! Two thumbs up
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Backhoes are great, aren't they? :drink:

Thanks for the pics. Love the property!
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Thank you, I'm running conduit from a new garage (in the spring of 2011 for the toys) to an RV pad.

Tough yet beautiful area.


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Nice set up.:thumbsup: Love the house and view.:)
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now, that's diggin' in the danger zone.:)

nice selection of hardware/view though.:thumbsup:
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:dance1: Here are some photos that I was asked to post.

And my first trench for a conduit line.

OMG, just watching you in the third picture diggin on the slope gives me the heebee geebee's.
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excellent tractor, and wow what a incredible views you have,are you going to need tire chains for that tractor? That hill looks steep, take care