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Jul 5, 2005
Harpers Ferry WV - Mountains of Shannondale
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Hey there fellows,

guess it is time to make my first post. They just delivered my 180 tonight it was dark out I didn't realize lights were extra go figure....

Just drove her into the garage. Really cool little tractor love it. Any advice... do's and don'ts to check out in the morning, before I start tooling around the yard?

The wife is not to impressed just yet will take some time :>)

Thanks for any advice .... Barry
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Congrads Barryh !!!! Now we need pictures and what you going to do with those extra quick plates?
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Congratulations , I would just say check your fluid levels including gas as they don't usually put much in them, don't let any one stand close to you when you are first learning how the controls work the tram pedal in reverse sometimes is sensitive when you are first getting used to it. My neighbours eyes got wide open as well as his mouth when he first tried to back up needless to say we had a good laugh but if someone had been behind him when he first hit the reverse tram pedal it might not have been as funny.
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After the wife gets to see some of the neat things that tractor can do she will like it. A new flower bed might just break the ice for her.
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Thanks for the welcome.

I have a few projects in mind. Now that I have a FEL I want to dig a small pond and put in a waterfall. I am surrounded by woods out here in the mountains have a large old tree to move. I want to clear some woods where I will dig out a foundation for a larger shed.

When I get the post hole digger next summer I want to put up a fence plant some more trees. It Will be fun to move snow this winter I have a long driveway.

One attachment plate I may use for the snow blade I had on my craftsman. The other not sure yet, maybe something along the lines of a home made potato digger to bury some cable, and break up compacted dirt.

I need to dig up a fairly large tree stump in my front yard after I order an after market tooth bar that is. I have a large sink hole that needs filled in around the side of my garage and one down by the road. I want to expand my driveway after I fill in the sink hole.

I have an 18 hp Craftsman riding mower little over a year old now.
The wife kept asking why I wouldn’t let her ride it. One day I said ok go ahead mow the lawn. After that she liked it so much I had to fight with her to get any seat time on it.

So tonight I told her now that is your tractor, and this is mine. I plan on keeping it that way no mower attachment for the PT if you know what I mean. I will try to remember to take some pictures.

Sorry didn’t mean to write a book /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif guess I am a little pumped up. I have wanted this PT for almost two years now after reading all of the fun you guys have been having here on this forum.
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Sounds like you have quite a few projects lined up when the wife sees you getting all those projects done Im sure she will come around to really liking it. I have a 18 hp craftsman garden tractor about an 1989 model or a little older . It has a brigs and straton engine and I haven't had a drop of trouble out of it mechanically. It is a good lawn mower but it don't get enough traction to do much work as a garden tractor with the wheel with the least traction taking all the power. Hope you have fun with your new pt Getting work done and having fun doing it nice.
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Ours is an LT-1000 with the Briggs 18 also. I put chains on it last winter traction was not great, but it did a pretty good job plowing as long as I didn’t let the snow pile up more than 4 inches or so. There are better riders out there, but Craftsman tractors are good bang for the buck. Not one problem with ours so far.

When this one goes I will get the GT-5000 or the model that replaces it. We have a Rubbermaid dump cart for it; the wife will have fun when I start loading her cart down moving dirt, and rocks. I'm sure it will make her feel like she is doing something to help. Now I wish I had not invited everyone over for a cookout this weekend. Will take time away from me playing, I mean working with my new Tractor. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
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You know I am 52 years young now. I thought that I would have gotten over getting excited about a machine with all of the hot rods and Harley’s I have had. I couldn’t sleep last night so got up again around 3:00 in the morning snuck out to the garage and started checking out the PT. Like a little boy at Christmas. Guess its true just a big boy, and his toy. My second cup of coffee this morning hope it does the trick…… /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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I know what you mean...I came home on my lunch hour to take delivery of my PT and it was tough going back to work..eventually left work early to come home and "play" with it. Congrats on your new tool.....but no lights on the 180 huh??....could be your first mod.? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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You betcha,

lights, I will be looking into that soon. Can’t play outside in the snow banks at night without lights. I know.... the work thing will be a killer next week, but at least I did get it for the weekend. Of course I will have a thousand questions for you guys after some seat time. I Would not have bought it without this forum for feedback. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif