New seat for my 4500Z

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Apr 30, 2014
Logan, WV
JD 650, Ventrac 4500Z AJ02248
I recall that a good while back our member "Murphy" (IIRC) reported his install of a better suspension seat and I almost followed up to get the product he used. My Z came with the "upgraded" suspension seat; I have tried all of the various pre-laod spring settings and that thing is and has been torture for my butt and back. Bradley on his YouTube "Blue Cord Property Care" site featured a seat not too long ago and his opinion of the Ventrac upgraded seat was very much as mine. He showed his replacement seat and even provided a camera shot of the seat label with make and model and bar code. He said it was expensive. He was right, it is expensive. I did a search and found my best price at Northern Tool where they were just introducing that seat in their inventory. It was over 900 dollars! Yikes! I bit th bullet and ordered. It came and the UPS guy remarked "this thing is heavy". It is heavy. I installed this past Saturday. Its weight and me working alone had me removing the upper section of the ROPS to make setting the seat easier. The hole pattern matched perfectily, the seat switch does not match, but can be rigged. I had to buy 4 grade 8 5/16" by 1.5" hex bolts and 8 matching nuts since the original hardware was too short, but the original nylock nuts and all the OE washers I did re-use. As soon as I sat on the seat I knew it was a great choice, way comfy. Bradley shows the adjustments and I set the suspension as the seat's indicater suggested. Very pleased. Ventrac need to consider this as possible upgrade on new power units. Thanks Bradley!

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Aug 20, 2018
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I use the “TracSeat” option. $175 on Amazon. Works great at a fraction of the price. Direct bolt on. All hardware is included.