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Mar 19, 2005
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Has anybody seen any of these yet? Website shows them, but no prices and no FEL. :( Looks like they are a more deluxe tractor than the R series. :cool: Do any of you dealers know anything about these yet?
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Have you look at a New Holland lately. They look similar. I have heard that they are eventually replacing similar size tractors with this style. Along with a higher price.
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So, apparently these tractors are new enough that none of our dealers know anything about them. :(
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My dealer just got one in. I think it was a U4384 cab tractor. He has been putting off getting one becuase of the price increase and he just doesn't care for the style. I haven't talked to him about it yet but I kind of like it. It has a flat floor instead of the slight hump in the middle and the cab itself sits up about 3 inches higher. I kind of like that. Most of your controls have been moved from under you foot to a right hand console. And I want to say that it came with a CD player from when I was looking through the window of the cab the other day.

Overall It is a nice unit, but I will keep my 4340C.
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Flat floors are nice, that is what my Mahindra has. The ergonomics of the U series are my main interests. The control location for the rear remotes on the R series are not in a comfortable location for me and I use the remotes a lot. I have also been hoping that the loaders would be a bit different and not have the mount that wraps around the front of the tractor. Anyway, sounds like maybe they will start showing up by the end of the year.:)

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I have seen the new U Series tractor next to the old model and the ergonomics of the U Series are much more favorable; however, both suit my size and needs just fine. I'm 6'3 230lbs and the Big Sky cab gives me plenty of room.

The R Series is a compact line so it can't really be compared to the U Series which is a utility tractor.