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Jul 19, 2017
Novi, MI
Hey everybody... have been lurking here awhile and finally decided to get off my butt and post pics of the LS XR3135H I purchased last fall.

Short story: new 10 acre hobby farm, 7-8 of pasture. Have started with the goats and chickens, horses in the future. Never ran more than a 72" hustler mower 15 years ago on a mowing crew for a summer.

I picked up the tractor, 5ft rotary mower, back blade, and hydraulic dump cart. Added a box blade and a finish mower.

Posted over in the attachment forums about needing an adapter for the PTO (finish mower is older and takes a pin, the LS tractor doesn't have a hole in the PTO shaft).

But anyway, figured I'd post some pics after I got her dirty this spring and clearing out a tree that came down. Loving the LS. Only issue I had is that one of the hydraulic connectors must have been just outta spec (fluke). Dealer sent out a tech and swapped out free of charge.

At 42 hours now... need to start doing some homework on the 50 hour maintenance. Any advice on that appreciated... used to work at a bicycle shop but not much engine experience. Another learning opportunity!


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Congrats on your LS tractor. Nice pictures and love that cart. Go to WIX filters website and see if your model tractor is there for crossovers. search hydraulic fluid vacuum trick to save a bunch of fluid. Good luck
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Congrats! Love mine. Yep vacuum trick.
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Congrats on the new tractor. Just a word of caution.....using filters that aren't spec'd by LS could potentially cause warranty issues if noticed by tech. Not saying there aren't some good or better options....just need to be aware.

Have fun with the new tractor!
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I had 2 dealers, Smith Enterprises and White tractor , tell me they have never or would never deny a warranty claim based on filter unless it was mis fitted and noticeably wrong for the application. WIX has a direct application guide for the LS line so they are manufactured to meet or exceed the manufacturers specs