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Aug 14, 2019
North Central IN
Kioti NX5010 HST
Good evening everyone,

Few quotations here tonight.

1) Does anyone around the Miami/Cass County area happen to have the 37 or 55 model tractor? I'm currently debating between these two as I compare them between other colored brands. I'm not interested in the backhoe attachment as we have a dedicated backhoe for that.

2) Mr. Rural King Rep, any idea as to when Logansport or Kokomo store will become tractor selling locations? Closest one to me is about 75 miles away. While this isn't that far, it is a haul when having to take the kids and work around school events.

Thanks for any responses.
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Our nearest tractor store to you will open up in 2020, but the list hasn't been finalized yet so I'm not able to tell which store it will be. However, Logansport and/or Kokomo won't have tractors until sometime in 2021.
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Thanks for the follow up. Given the situation I understand the delay in response time.

However, I've since with another color.

Best of luck in your attempt to revive RK's presence on the board.
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I am up in huntington county. Just bought a RK55 out the decauter,IN store.