Offset Rear Blade

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Oct 17, 2016
Northern Ontario
As I see it, do you buy a blade that is expensive but does all that you want, or not? Do you see use beyond the railroad rock? If your biggest desire is just the rock, consider the ROI. Is your money better spent renting something to do the job, hire someone to do the job, or buying the truckload(s) that you desire? 200 feet of driveway is not a big project. If your time is free or you prefer spending an afternoon with your tractor, you might consider taking your tractor with FEL and "back dragging" the rock up to center of the railroad bed instead of going all fancy with a blade.
I think so.
I definitely do.
Renting is not an option where I live, nor is hiring someone else to do it. I have considered approaching the local Polaris, Yamaha and Suzuki dealer and asking if they wanted to go half on one, or toss any money in towards one, kind of a sponsorship idea to maintain the local trails.
I thoroughly enjoy tractor time doing "work", but back dragging the material from both sides back in is definitely not an option. The rail bed goes on for miles and miles, with some sections getting quite grown in. I enjoy working smarter not harder.

I appreciate all the replies. For something like this, I too am of the opinion of buy once and cry once. It is something that I do only plan on buying once, and having for the rest of my life, so I have to bite the bullet and go with what I want from the beginning and not having buyers remorse should I go with what I don't want, but that will suffice every single time I go to use it.

I have seen two go by for $850 Canadian, so they DO come up, I was just hoping for that deal of a lifetime. Looks like I'll be jumping on the next one.


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Aug 10, 2015
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Many dozers these days have THAT option, so........maybe ?. lol


If it is not a function of the implement it does not count in its adjustments!
You are attempting to apply tractor functions to the implement as if that function leaves the tractor with the implement!
I call


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Sep 30, 2021
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When I bought my JD2520 in 2011 I also bought a new Frontier RB2072 rear blade to clear snow from my 1/4 mile lane. It could only offset by unbolting the blade, shifting, and re-attaching. What a pain. I had it a few years but ended up selling. While looking for an offset blade, I borrowed an old Land Pride from my neighbor. It didn't offset either (and wasn't QH compatible) but opened my eyes to another factor I hadn't considered: the moldboard shape.

That thing allowed my tractor to fly through SO much deeper and heavier snow.... snow just 'rolled' off of the blade. The Frontier blade shape was much flatter. The snow quickly piled up on it and wouldn't unload... the tractor was always traction limited.

Looking for an appropriate offset blade for my 2000 series (with a moldboard shape like my neighbor's ancient Land Pride) I considered all the brands and bought a Rhino 5006. It is fabulous! It is heavy for its class (400 lbs), has a deep moldboard, terrific build quality (WAY better than the Frontier at the same cost), and operates with ease. It does 80% of the snow work. The front SB handles the rest. Highly recommend for a 1000/2000 series tractor!


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Apr 7, 2000
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I will never again buy a rear blade without a pin offset capability. Every time I grade the gravel road or plow snow I wish that I could finish the job by reaching the edge of the road next to the ditch.