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Mar 1, 2012
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Anyone here have experience with manuals download sites? The one I'm looking for is for a snowmobile, not a tractor but I'd imagine the same principles apply.
I found what I was looking for at a site called scribd.com. In order to d/l you must create a login. OK, not a big deal, I just used an email account I keep for this sort of thing. It then wanted a credit card # for my "free 30 day trial", and that's where it ended for me. Of course you "can cancel any time". Yeah, right. I have no idea if this site is legit or if it's there to harvest CC numbers and have no interest in finding out the hard way.

Any experiences with this or similar sites? Scam or legit? I don't know if my CC provider offers one-time use "virtual" numbers or not.
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Seems be the way the i-net is going..... 30 day free trial scares me off every time.... Because I am usually trying to chase a document to help somebody else out.... IF document was for me, "I MIGHT" purchase it.... But I would try to get it from manufacturer first...

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You even have to watch getting them from parts companies.

I ordered one from Messicks and it looked like someone took an old paper manual and copied it into a PDF document. Some pages were not lined up correctly and a few had the pages off skew.
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That seems to be what they are now; printed off e-manuals on cheap paper. I special ordered mine and paid $120.00 from the local dealer. They wouldn't handle the least bit of exposure to oil or grease; let alone the occasional coffee spill. I take the pages out of the book long enough to copy them; put them back, then place the book back into the pristine spot previously used only for my 1st editions of Dickens and Shakespeare.
Of course that spot was empty until I bought my shop manual... :D