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Feb 13, 2005
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A tractors 7 pin or trailering pin connector won’t have a brake controller to activate any trailer brakes.
My CX 105 tractor has the connector but it doesn't have a break light switch which I believe is needed to activate a break controller


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Jan 25, 2013
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Understood. I have a portable brake controller available on my existing truck.

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That’s not the point. A 7 pin on a tractor has nothing to tell the brake control to actuate. Lots of wiring and proximity switches would need to be installed for the brake control to work


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May 26, 2003
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I've been renting towable manlifts from Home Depot for quite a few years no. They had a Genie that I really liked, but now they have a JLG, that I don't care for. It's all in the controls, and Genie was night and day easier to operate. Just more natural feeling to me.

I have a 2wd F150 that I pull them around with. I've never had a client complain or even hesitate when I tell them that if I do the job, they are paying for the rental of the lift, and I'm driving all over their yard with my truck to get it into position. So far, I've never had an issue on a job.

I've also rented them a few times to do stuff around my place. The last time, I had a pine tree break off from some strong winds. The top third or so broke and landed on my fence. I had to redo the fence after removing it. The location of the tree, and the length of it meant that I had a very small, impossibly small, area to drop it without damaging my house, my fence, my pool or my hot tub gazebo. It was just too small to risk it, so I rented the left and took off the top 30 feet of the tree, and then dropped it on my back yard lawn.

In order to get to where I could get to the tree, I had to deal with a low area that swallowed my trucks rear tires. They where buried. I used my 4wd 35hp Century tractor, which is now called Branson, to pull my truck and the towable lift out. I just put it in a low gear and had my truck in Neutral. It all pulled out very easily.

Given that I could pull both my truck and the boom lift with a 35hp 4WD tractor, I think that you should be able to handle just the lift with something even smaller. 4WD for sure, but probably 30hp or even a bit less. It really depends on what you want to spend, and what else you will use it for. I also use my tractor for bush hogging my land with a 6 foot rotary cutter and drilling 12 inch post holes. I do not have a loader on it, I have a backhoe for that. I wouldn't want any less HP for the 6 foot cutter, and more HP would really be nice, but for the post hole driller, I have plenty of power. I also pull a 300 gallon tote on a trailer behind it twice a year to spray my fences and roads. I put about 200 gallons in it, and the weight is there, but easily handled.


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Jun 11, 2020
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I've joked around with my wife about getting one to do our Christmas lights as the front tree is pushing 50'. A friend of ours has a farm and he could use one as well.

They are really handy.

We've been looking to go in halvsies for one. However, we've never found one under $12K used. They've been going crazy in auctions as well.

We can rent them for a weekend for $300, so that's the plan until we find a used one within our price range.
we rented one every thanksgiving to put up my dads xmas tree lights.

2 hour job took the entire weekend.

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Apr 25, 2015
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I don't have as much lift as you do; but it's all in one.


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Sep 8, 2020
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I own a large Victorian house, and to maintain it purchased a tow behind manlift. The manlift weighs roughly 5,000 pounds. To get to the spots I want to work on, I currently hook the trailer (similar to a two wheeled boat trailer) to my truck and pull it around my house. Once there I unhitch and get to work. There are some restrictions in my yard which prevent my truck from getting through with the lift and it ruts up the yard pretty good. Not to mention it looks pretty bad to the neighbors with the truck parked in the yard. Getting to the lower lawn there is a downhill grade that drops roughly 10 feet over 200 feet. Once there, the lawn is flat all around the house.

I'd like to get a "right sized" tractor to pull the lift around the house.
What size tractor could pull and safely stop the 5,000 pound trailer? The manlift has electric brakes so could the tractors be set up with a 7 pin towing connector to match the manlift? Really don't want to get the manlift rolling and discover I cannot stop it.

Appreciate any help offered.
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Hey Manup ! Welcome to TBN , There are several tractor brands that come with a pig tail for a trailer hookup & Have You contacted a dealer with your needs & also IMHO I think might be hard to find a Tractor that can pull that weight without doing the same thing to your lawn as far as ruts, Because of the size tractor You would need & the weight might be be the same as your truck :unsure: ! Again I would contact a tractor dealer & to see if a tractor could meet your requirements,Without having the same issues as your truck IMHO.


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Oct 30, 2012
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If the lift is 5000 lbs, I’d want a 5000 pound tractor. You could use a lighter tractor but that really comes down to whether the ground is soft enough that your R1 or R4 tires are digging in and can stop you ( while making track prints), otherwise it’s “ do you have enough weight to make enough ground contact friction for the tractor to stop you. That friction varies greatly season to season, after rain, etc.
Also, how much tongue weight the man lift has will make a huge braking difference with a smaller tractor. It can help or hurt. More is better.