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Jun 8, 2023
Hi all, I just bought this older skidsteer
Owatonna 440 mustang don’t know much about it just know that it needs a motor currently it has a V6. Yes a V6 I find that strange. Has anyone ever seen this before? My plan is to take the motor out and replace it with something smaller I have never attempted to do this before, so this is a project for me any suggestions on what I can put in it.
How far away for any of you know what motor is currently in it I would appreciate it as well. I will post some pictures.


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I live in a city of 30,000 that cannot be reached by road. We have a Bobcat dealer and there is a large equipment rental outfit. The rental outfit rents skid steers among many different types of construction equipment. For a period of a few years the rental outfit had Mustang skid steers. Typically they would have about a dozen of them, selling the tired ones. All of their Mustangs that I saw had Yanmar diesel engines. Those skid steers seemed to be very well made basic machines. Many sailboats and displacement hull pleasure and commercial boats here have Yanmar diesels.
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I owned a 440 way back, it had a Perkins diesel, I believe some may have also had kubota engines too.
Good luck!