Plasma cutter recommendations


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Oct 23, 2012
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I recently bought a Primeweld Cut60. It's amazing to be able to cut through sheet stock like butter. But I find it tricky to make precise cuts and so I'm still cutting tubing and bar stock with my bandsaw. If someone is pretty much cutting tubing and bar stock, I'm not so sure whether the money might be better spent on a cold saw like one of the Evolution saws?
Yeah for anything requiring good fit up, especially short cuts on flat plate or square tubing requiring a miter cut I just use the Rage 3. I do have to wear ear muffs for the sound though.

Long cuts or weird things like cutting a driveline U joint out, the Lotos plasma has been real handy.

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May 18, 2010
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You mean when the overseas container gets unloaded?
It'll be available soon. But its funny you mention that, because when companies like Hypertherm have had 8 month waits from their overseas and domestic suppliers and even sent letters out to dealers to tell them they were sending their own employees into these other plants to help run lines, we've had fairly consistent and plentiful supply against our increasing volume demands. Only recently due to the local full lockdowns in the manufacturing regions, have we seen any significant delays because we've been able to keep ahead of the delay curve by anticipating shipping time delays and factoring that into our quantity builds. But even with the longer delivery schedules we have now, larger qty manufacturing runs are helping to offset supply issues. I imagine if it gets worse at the ports we'll see a few more than ordinary delays. Even now, though, we've air shipped some products, parts and accessories in to supplement during shortages as it is cheaper to do that than to wait. As far as I know the "Hatchet" is fairly close to being on schedule.


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Feb 21, 2003
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I always like to poke at you.. Have no issue with anything you offer actually. I've had my Hypertherm for a number of years and it runs om my plasma table usually but I use the hand torch for cutting when necessary.

If I was to buy another, I'd probably buy a green one for you anyway.