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Mar 19, 2007
I have recently constructed a new pond (Last Year) on my land, It is roughly a 1ac pond. I have noticed some green floating algae in the pond (see pics). Was wondering if someone can give me some advice on what it is and how can i get rid of it! As I don't want this to over take the pond. Please help with solutions because Im new to the pond world and I dont want a scumed over pond in the first year. Its starting to warm up here in South MS and the problem seems to be growing! Thank you!





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I have heard that keeping the water moving by using an aerator/fountain of some sort will have a positive effect. I was not the person this was told to, but sounded like a good principle behind it when it was explained.
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Sink 3 or4 barley-straw bales in the pond before the algae starts growing in the spring. As the straw decomposes, it releases gases and helps maintain beneficial bacteria that kill off the algae.
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I had algae in my pond once...go to your local farm store and buy ...Copper Sulfate...and believe it or not you will need a pair of panty hose...fill the legs of the panty hose with the copper sulfate and drag it behind a row boat in your pond moving briskly until all the copper sulfate has disolved in the water and you want to try and disperse it evenly over the water so you try to move the boat as fast as neccessary so you do not sit in one spot and have it all disolve. It worked for me.
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I'd go with aeration the movement will stop it. The barley straw may also work never tried that.
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WOW I was just checking the prices on that barley straw it'd be way cheaper to go with an aerator.
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I've used copper sulfate in my pond in the past. It does take care of the algae but you really need to follow the directions.

Too much of that stuff can kill your fish.

I'd be interested in any research you do on a fountain/aerator. I've kicked that idea area too but never done anything.
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I have a 3 acre pond in my front yard. I recommend the Pond Boss site as well. From what I have read, Copper Sulfate will build up in your pond over time. Go look at the Pond Boss forum and you will be educated by a great group of folks. Some of them have Ph.D.s in aquaculture. A pond can be a second or third hobby. I just installed an aeration system in my pond last year. The effects have been dramatic in just a short period of time.

Good luck.