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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
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I'm looking to buy a 3 pt Cat 1 post hole digger this week or early next.

Nearby is a Farm and Fleet that has a Leinbach priced at $500 without auger.

Not too far away (20 miles more) is a TSC that has a Dale Phillips made in Georgia. Their price for what looks to be a similar digger is $395.

I'm just wondering if there is any structural difference in the two? My belief is that you get what you pay for, but in this case that may not be true. I'd appreciate any knowledge you folks may be able to provide. Please help me spend about $500 wisely.

BTW - augers are basically the same price, so that isn't a concern.
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Well I personally have a land pride. But I do not think it makes much difference as long as you are using the thing for your own personal use. I think they both would dig more holes than you will want to dig. I have not seen either of the ones you list but I think for a P.H digger I might go with the cheaper one. In my case the ground is very hard and a good auger is the most important part. I have gone to carbide tiped augers out of necessity. They are costly but I simply can not dig with out them.
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Wesdor, That price for the Leinbach seems way too high. I bought mine a few months ago for $395.00 including a 12" auger. Quality wise all of the lower priced post hole diggers seem to be about the same, in fact I think they all use the same gear box. If I was you I'd be the TSC one or find a better price on the Leinbach.
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I have a TSC unit and am completely satisfied with it so far. I have no idea if it is a Dale Phillips unit as you saw.
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I am getting a Leinbach for about the same price $399 including the 12" auger. Should be picking it up in about two weeks. Also thinking about getting a 9" auger to.
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

When I looked at the website for TSC, the gearbox looks much like the photo I have from King Kutter. So it seems to me you are all correct that they are much the same.

I was a bit surprised to see the price at F&F. When you add the auger, it comes to $630 plus tax. I didn't really want to drop that much money.

Unless something pops up that none of us are aware of, I'll go with the PHD from TSC. They were very helpful on the phone and at $100 less that says a lot.

I wish I could find a place around here to get the entire setup for $400, but it looks like it will be in that $550 range.

Thanks again.
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It drives me crazy the kind of deals some people are able to get on stuff. It seems I always have to pay about 20% more for whatever I find. CUT implements are in too high of demand out here I guess...
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When I bought our tractor I also got a Leinbach w/a 12" auger for about $400. The auger had a very short starter point which let it really skip across the ground as the cutting edge made contact. I welded a short piece of pipe to the end which acts like a pilot. This has stopped the "skittering" & made it easy to drill solo. On rocky ground you'd probably need a stronger pilot but on our clay soil it works just fine.
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I have a 7-8 year old TSC unit, I think it is made by SpeeCo. I have been satisfied, while the construction is not as heavy duty as others, it suits my limited uses. I have punched about 400-500 12" holes.

SpeeCo Website
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I have the Dale Philips PHD and it works fine for me. I do need to get a more aggressive head though due to the rock we have locally, but that doesn't detract from the quality of the machine. So far all of the attachments I have bought are Dale Philips and the quality is such that if I can find them, I will buy more when I need them.