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This is a timely discussion for me because measuring made me realize I need to use a different bolt hole height at the rear in order to compensate for substituting 15" laminated wheels for the OEM rear wheels. The OEM have no marking on them, but measure 9 13/16 tall x 3 wide with a 5/8 bolt hole. You can see PT is now using a solid tire.

The front OEMs are approximately 2" taller than the rears and slightly wider.

The 15" laminated wheels I installed on the front are about 3" taller than the OEMs. I ordered them from Precision Country Products on Amazon which is the affiliate of High Grade. The 15" wheels were too wide for the PT yoke so I ordered the wheels with the yoke and then had to remove the paint on the shaft for them to fit inside the PT tubes. For my second order, I just ordered direct from High Grade.

I don't think High Grade has any 4.10 size tires though.

Won't you need to order a run flat with the appropriate rim? I suspect changing the run flat tire on one of these size wheels would be a pain.


edit: this is what the new tire mount is starting to look like. The OEM is too narrow for a 15" tire.

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