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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
Rk55HC 4n1 fel/bh, Power-Trac 1850, 425d, Terex pt30, Kubota kx033, bx1880, yanmar 8x8 dumper, Magnatrac mh5000 w/ loader, six way blade & backhoe, Dew-eze ATM72LC Slope Mower, Terramite t6 4wd, DR Power brush mower
This retired uhaul truck got a bridge here in NC that w call the can opener. Now, box cut down, I have a 26'bed that'll haul two 425s or as in the pic a 425 and terex pt30....plus a few attachments. The blue on the far side is half an 11' utility bed used for tool storage. 20200507_181944.jpg
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Looks good!
Run what cha brung!
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Nice! I see those u-hauls and similarly school buses used by landscapers. Some leave a bit of the bus as a storage shed.

I just have an 18' car hauler that'll haul my PT425, 60" finish mower, 48" brush cutter, two buckets, pallet forks and snow blade all at the same time. :D
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That's a crazy looking rig, but ultimately, very efficient. My pickup and trailer has a smaller bed length, lower weight capacity and is probably long in total length.
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I wonder if someone borrows it someday and discovers that the missing roof and sidewalls provided part of the bed's strength.

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Meanwhile, down at the u-haul assembly plant...

No hint the sidewalls provided any of the deck's strength.

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What do you use for loading ramps?
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You do the most creative things. Thanks for sharing!

I know that bridge in Durham! Did you know it has its’ own website and webcams? and it still eats trucks despite being lifted...

On an unrelated note, have you seen Hedblom, over on YouTube? The guys to be able to frost a cake with his Engcon tiltrotator.

Back to the cool UHaul PowerTrac limo...

All the best, Peter
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A lot of aluminum.

Seriously, 10k# rated, 10' long by 15".

Expensive. Worth every penny.

One advantage of the uhaul platform is that it is 8" lower deck height than standard.

I can get on and off w the 6' ramps from my isuzu dovetail....but that's STEEP! And the bolts on the bottom of the 1850 don't clear at that angle. You can see the stowed 10'ramps and in use 6' in the pic.
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Meanwhile, down at the u-haul assembly plant...

No hint the sidewalls provided any of the deck's strength.

Anything that leaves the OEM with just a chassis- no way the OEM is going to rely on whatever the upfitter does. I don't know if all trucks are originally sold that way though.