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Aug 31, 2001
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Power Trac PT425 2001 Model Year
Post your PowerTrac specific modifications in this thread if you like. Makes it easier to keep in one place. Of course, you can always start/add-to a new or existing thread for more detailed or drifting off-topic discussion. :laughing:
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I'll start easy - brake handle

Parking brake 2.jpg Parking brake 1.jpg
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I'll add mine. Hydraulic lever, so much easier to use with my homemade grapple.

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Not exactly a mod to the PT, but here's a sketch of how I secured my PT factory loading ramps to the steel bumper on my old '85 Chevy pickup with the tailgate removed. It was very easy to remove the gate with no tools. I used to back the PT425 right up into the bed and let the 60" mower deck or 48" brushhog, or I'd nest the forks in the small bucket and the small bucket in the large bucket, and let them hang off the back. Worked very well.... if you don't have a trailer, but a full sized pickup 8' bed, this was great! I used a piece of rebar bent with a handle. It ran between both ramps all the way across the bumper.

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Added a tow hook to the front shelf on my 2001 model year PT425. It's great for chaining it down on the trailer.

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Steering wheel spinner. A must-have in my opinion. Less than $10 at TSC still.

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Tipped the canopy forward and welded a 2" square tube under the bottom of it under the canopy, then mounted lights under the canopy and ran the wires through the tube.





Mounted the old-style light under the ROPS to the tube. Remember, this was 2003 before LEDs. I've since changed them to LEDs. Much nicer.
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Here are a few images of mods that I have made to harden the 1850 for my abusive applications.

Added jack mounts to the back to make add/remove duals easier, or changing rear flats....though the images from the jobsite show that tires with gemplers ultraseal can fend off 30 yards of glass at a time.

The engine cover weighs more than my skinny self... So it has a jack now too(red).

Added hitch to rear.

Not pictured, suspension seat. Forklift type. Just enough room left under the canopy for me in a hard hat.

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Also, I have added a selectable circuit to the 1850's loader for a grapple, no need to unplug the QA. The QA is now on quick disconnects w tractor type pins, allowing me to swap out the 1850 plate for the 425 plate (same pin pattern!) and carry the smaller attachments.