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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
I understand the basics of how a pre-emergent works, and seem to have had good luck with it so far, but a question remains. Do the weed seeds that were poised to germinate typically rot away?
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That is an interesting question.
My experience with a pre-emergent, called Quest for spraying around new tree seedlings, did a good job, but as the summer progressed, there were some 'strange' things that would pop up. Not sure what they were, but they were 'weed' like but not thick, like grass, so not a real problem. Milkweed is one that I remember, and thistle is another. Eventually when I stopped using quest, the grass did grow but probably not from seed.
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Possibly coco grass or aka nut grass. It has a nut on root system that is difficult to kill and resprouts.
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I have a product callled WOW (With Out Weeds) from Gardens alive. Been here for a couple/few years now and I just started using it on the garden.
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I've used WOW, and found it to be very effective. And SAFE. You can literally eat the stuff - it's corn gluten. Biggest problem I had with it was my big dumb dog following me around licking it up after I had laid it down! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

As it breaks down it adds a good quality nitrogen to the soil. AND, it is more effective each year that you use it. What's not to like?

It's available elsewhere, too. I don't know how Garden's Alive price is compared to the competion. I suspect they are a tad on the high side. Great products, though.

I'm thinking that there might be a bulk supplier that would be cheaper.

Here's some info:
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I was looking at that and wondered if it was good as Scotts or not? Does it bring other items in?

I would like to stop using Scotts but I have not found anything non-toxic and works just as good.
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Mike, I think you'll be disappointed in the corn gluten the first year if you are looking to replace any brand of chemical with any of the natural products and still expect it to work just as well. Over time, corn gluten will work very well, but year 1 it is moderately effective. Year 2 it is pretty darn effective. Year 3 it is very effective . . .

The difference is that one type can make your pets/children sick, the other type is safe enough to eat, qualifies as natural, and in some cases organic. Works on the garden or the yard. Darn expensive, however. Depends on your priorities. I'd rather have weeds than chemicals around my food. Just my personal choice.

I almost killed one of my dogs using chemical fertilizer weed & feed product. The vet said it is more common than people realize. We got lucky, now we don't use the stuff anywhere near where the kids or dogs go, and for much longer than that I wouldn't use it near the garden.
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Kennedy, I'm pretty sure that it kills the seed because your not supposed to be able to plant any seed for 120 days(prevents any germination) after using pre-emergent ,even if it the seed goes dormant and is prevented from germinating the seed should just dry-up and would no longer be viable after that much time (but I'm not a horticulturalist?)

Best time for my zone is apr-may /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

I have used lesco with dimension at about $20 a bag with good results covers approx.16k square ft.
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Do you know if you can do like half scotts and half corn for the first year? Then do all corn gluten the next? I would love to go all corn but I do not want my lawn all weeds....But on the flip side I do not want my "kids" in chemicals.

So far I wait 3 days after Scotts and water with inground sprinkers for 30 minutes (13 GPM on system) each zone for 3 days in a row. Do the back and take the dog in the front. Then dogs go back in the back and Scotts goes on the front.
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Don't know why you couldn't use both. Bob's experience is very close to mine - pretty good the first year, better every year after.