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Nov 23, 2006
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Two part question

First - anyone know what a new woods RM990 90" rear finish mower goes for? I've found a used one I'm interested in, only a couple years old in excellent shape but don't have a clue what these normally go for, new or used.

Second - wondering about the ability of running this mower with a DX45 w/cab (hydro). 3 pt lift is no problem, but wondering if this tractor has enough pto horse power (37.8 for hydro), especially due to some loss with air conditioning running. Just want to make sure it will be able to handle it without bogging down or working the tractor too hard. Thanks for any input from anyone with a similar setup or any info.

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Hang on to your shorts because this retails for over $5,000. I think you could maybe buy one for 15% less new and $2000-$2500 used but I'm guessing on that. You don't see them for sale very often.
This is a commercial quality super-duty mower and is very rugged. You aren't going to mow 10" grass using your tractor but for normal lawn mowing should be fine.
I have an RD84--a lesser model-- and it's pretty wide and awkward. If you have never mowed with a wide rear mower warn your wife that you will replace any damaged flora or fawna because you WILL mow stuff you didn't plan on.
Lawn will look great, however, even if you start at 3." The wide cut gives the impression of a short cut lawn because it looks so flat. You can really mow fast but it's hard to navigate in smaller spaces. A 3" cut is good for the lawn and easy on the tractor.
I'm sure others will add to this but it's a great mower for a few acres. If you can use it and the price is right, buy it.
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Thanks for the reply. That helps. The unit I found is a 2003 - looks brand new for $2650. Doesn't sound like a bad price after hearing $5k new.