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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
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I have been holding off posting this in hopes that the post would be some nice photos and satisfaction on my part. Unfortunately that is not the case. I’ll try to be brief.
BTW – I live not far from the Deere International headquarters.

On November 30, 2004 I ordered a 4310 E power reverser, with 300CX loader, and Imatch. The dealer gave me a reasonable price, but after reading posts here, I realize it wasn’t that special.

On December 16 I took delivery on the tractor, but they said the Imatch and FEL would be a bit longer. They told me the loader was under embargo until official release.

Today is January 24 and I still have no FEL and no Imatch. I have begun paying on the entire package using John Deere financing. I stopped at the dealer’s today and they couldn’t tell me where the loader was, or when it would be in, although they said they were billed for the FEL nearly 2 weeks ago. I checked back this afternoon and they had no more information. The weather around here has turned nice and I have a lot of work to do clearing brush and cleaning up down timber.

I see several people taking delivery on the 300CX and wonder if any of you can help me “light a fire” under my dealer. It seems to me that he has the money from Deere and has hung me out to dry.

Any suggestions on how to get the equipment I purchased?
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I also recently purchased a 4310 and got the 300cx loader. This occurred about six weeks ago, when the loaders were even more scarce. I had my dealer locate (not order) a 300cx loader. They were able to find one, but indicated that only a few were available in the Southeast at the time. I had my loader in five working days, most of which were taken up by the delivery service, who took four days just to arrive to pick up the loader at the other dealership. My suggestions are as follows: first make sure the dealer LOCATED a loader and did not simply order it. Ordering will take forever, especially now with the new loaders coming out. If they have not done this, have them pursue it that way. Second, have them make sure if the loader has been procured already, that the shipping company is not sitting on it. I do not know if JD has a delivery contract with a given trucking company, but in our area, it seems the same company does practically all deliveries for the local dealers. I have found them to be slow. Close dealer follow-up is needed to ensure the product is being processed. Third, I would have an in depth discussion with your dealer and tell him/her that you are not happy with the service, especially if it affects you financially. I would make every effort to work out things with them, but give them a time line. If not satisfied, ask to speak with your territory rep. John Deere generally will NOT tolerate unhappy customers and I suspect would make it right for you (i.e., the attachments magically appear). They want you to keep "buying green." Before you take that drastic step, I would suggest exhausting every option with the dealer. Usually, one can tell whether this would be a worthwhile endeavor early on. I assume the same would apply to the hitch, although I cannot imagine that it would be as difficult to procure as the new loader.

John M.
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Thanks John. I'll talk to them again in the morning. You are right - I would like to keep a good relationship with the dealer. I was very impressed with their dealings early on.
One problem is that they ordered the FEL and say it has been billed to them.
This has been going on for a month now with frequent visits and phone calls to the dealer. I believe your suggestion of asking for the territory rep is probably the best avenue right now. I may not have to make the call if they get the loader for me quickly.

I find this especially bothersome since I am in the back yard of Deere. I could have purchased another color, but wanted to really buy local. (I know that is another topic)

I'll report back on what happens tomorrow.
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Talk to the dealer. You have waited long enough and need the FEL to get work done. Ask your dealer for a loan of another tractor with an FEL to get your work done until your FEL is delivered. The dealer should be willing to do this.

It is a very reasonable request. A good dealer should jump at the chance to keep you a happy customer given the circumstances. My brother bought a Kubota with a backhoe. Tractor was delivered without the hoe with no definite delivery date. My brother had to get drainage lines in around his house before winter (one of the reasons he bought the hoe). Dealer dropped off a Kubota mini excavator for my brother to use. Actually the dealer dropped of and picked up the excavator 2 or 3 times as my brother waited for the hoe.

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"Dealer dropped off a Kubota mini excavator for my brother to use. Actually the dealer dropped of and picked up the excavator 2 or 3 times as my brother waited for the hoe."

I see a big problem with that. Once you've used a mini excavator you will realize how incredibly efficient they are at digging trenches. It kinda makes a backhoe a little less fun.
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See, you should have purchased the orange tractor. You would have had it and been working in all this cold snowy weather. That L3400 sure drove nice yesterday didn't it? And you looked good driving it. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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Good news.
The dealer picked up my tractor on Tuesday and delivered it this morning with FEL and Imatch installed. They welded two hooks on the loader as I had asked and did it without charge.

I am very pleased with the equipment. In fact I spent most of today working with it.