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Aug 14, 2015
Saw this listed on Facebook. I'm not interested in it just thought I would post. Log into Facebook


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Ouch. Poor thing has been abused! Brutal. $525

That would be a labor of love for sure.
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Yeah, it's a conversation piece or yard art.
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Here's what I see from the pictures.

- Two steering cylinders
- The FEL arms that are on the machine are not the Quick Attach style. The implements pin on.
- The forks in the pictures pin on.
- There appears to be a complete 2nd FEL arm assembly with a Quick Attach on it (the arms with quick attach might be worth the $525 to someone that has bent FEL). I don't know if it will fit on the machine without modification or if it's a direct replacement. Appears to have all hoses, too.
- I can't see quick attach AUX PTO (3rd valve) for the QA system or powered cylinder implements like snow plow angle, grapple. So that would either have to be added, or an electric diverter valve added.
- Looks like two levers for raise/lower and dump/curl, so no joystick.
- Looks like a small hydraulic cooler facing forward in the hood.
- Looks like rear facing headlighs.
- Looks like the seat mounts to the rear section, not the front. I think that would be kinda weird to be sitting and having your feet turning with the front section. Maybe I'm just not seeing the seat mounting arms that would mount the seat to the front section, so could be quite mistaken on that.
- Looks like the hood tips forward towards the seat.
- I can't tell if that's a steering valve or just a valve. That might explain the odd steering wheel. Again, can't tell.
- Looks like the fuel tank is in the hood.
- I have no idea what engine that is.
- I think I see the PTO pump on the rear of the engine. I don't see where the tram pump is.

That's about all I can see or guess at. Man, it would be a lot of work. I wonder what vintage it is?
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I LOVE THE TIRE SIZE, looks like car tires. For other options, it seems to have a foot control on the right side, maybe that is for the aux hyd? But yet it has one slot cut near where the current hyd control handles go. They used some kind of rotary control valves, likely obsolete. I would bet the seat/frame is standard and just not bolted up, set in place to make it look better. To me the engine looks like an Onan. The frame rails have a wide return at the top. One of two hyd pump sticks out beyond the rear of the machine and has a welded on shield. Somebody rigged up a starter solenoid on the right outside part of the frame with the wire cables getting pinched by the hood.
The hyd wheel motors look obsolete too. Wonder what the S/N is? Something like 0003