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Jun 7, 2021
Central Arkansas
John Deere 1025R, Gravely Rapid XZ 60" zero turn
Making plans for mowing season even though it's months away... I live on 11.5 acres and have been mowing about 4 acres of that. A neighbor has been cutting the rest for hay. I'm temporarily in a mobile home and will be starting to build my house this spring, as long as something major doesn't stop that plan. Between the work I did on my pond, spreading out fill on almost 2 acres, the upcoming new 400 foot dirveway and house construction, I don't think it's feasible to expect the neighbor to bale around all that. I'm considering buying a used trail mower, like below, to pull offset behind my current 60" mower to widen my mowing path out to almost 10 feet. They go for just about $1,000 to $1,200 around me.

Has anyone used one like that? Does it sound like a good idea? I don't have a tractor large enough for a wide finish mower, nor do I want to buy something that expensive at this point. I'm about to be committing to a not so small fortune on building a house. I don't see any glaring down sides, if 1 works maybe I can add a 2nd for 15 feet....