Pulley removal-Bolens-Tecumseh GT1443 garden tractor



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Jun 4, 2005
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This may be of some help to TBNers with pulley-pulling challenges. The 14 hp Tecumseh HH140 engine on my Bolens garden tractor (the one with the nice rototiller that I use a lot) is toast (exhaust valve is fried, oil leaks, needs new muffler, seals, etc). Parts for this 40-year old iron wonder are expensive and the block probably would have to go to the machine shop for valve seats and possibly other machining. So I've decided to replace that engine with one of those 420cc Harbor Freight Predator (Honda clone) for $350 and see what happens.

Got the HH140 out of the Bolens with no trouble.

IMG_1089 (Small).JPG

I needed to salvage that 4-sheave pulley (two belts for the rear wheel drive, two for the rear pto to run the rototiller). These are the tools I used.

IMG_1092 (Small).JPG

There was a key holding the pulley to the shaft that had to be removed. I could see that the end of the key had been peened to the pulley to keep it from working out of the groove. So, get the 4-1/2" angle grinder and grind off the peening. Fortunately, the crankshaft on the HH140 has considerable end play so I could pry on the rear of the pulley and move it away from the engine block about 3/8". Then I used that piece of pipe and the dead blow hammer on the front of the pulley to work that key out of the groove about 1/4" so I could grip it with a pair of vice grips. Used another vice grip clamped to the first one and the hammer to tap the key out of the groove (took a few minutes of gentle hammering to get it out).

IMG_1090 (Small).JPGIMG_1091 (Small).JPG

The pulley was still firmly attached despite having been doused with Mouse Milk penetrant over a 3-day period. So get the air chisel and a large hex nut. Slip the nut into the pulley so it rested against the end of the crankshaft. Grab the pulley with one hand and use the chisel with the other. The pulley came off with about 20 seconds of chiseling.

IMG_1093 (Small).JPGIMG_1094 (Small).JPGIMG_1095 (Small).JPG

Found out about this technique on YouTube

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCayr9ufwEw"]LAWNMOWER REPAIR: engine pulley removal - YouTube[/ame]

Hope this helps.


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Jan 20, 2009
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Now if I can just remember this 5 years from now, when I need to do something like this...

Then again...., THIS I will remember, whilst on my big adventure trying to figure out where I sat my coffee cup down... :confused: