Tractor News R14 Tires available on RK37 and RK55

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May 5, 2019
Somewhere in Tennessee
1978 IH 484
I was looking on RK Tractor website today and R14 tires are now available on the RK37 and RK55. Another reason to consider the RK55, now if they will just switch to a one piece hood on the RK55.
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Can the R14 tires on the RK37H be moved out a bit like the Ag tires?
Or is there an aftermarket Hub extension available?
I am very interested in an R37H but worry about driving it across a 10-15 degree hill. Yes, I want to mow across or diagonally, not up and down.
I was just at a dealer and he had on RK37HC and one RK37C (shuttle)., The other 3 tractors on the lot were RK55 models. Everything else was sold out and delivery for special orders (not industrial tires) was 5+ weeks out. Busy beavers in Ohio.