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Oct 26, 2021
Montana R2844HST
Greetings All. About six months ago, I bought a mint condition Montana R2844hst that is perfect for my hunting club maintenance chores. It's quite a step up from my old Yanmar 1500 which still runs like a champ. It was just too light. I did some research on FEL compatibility and found that the Case 340L was a good match with generally good availability and bought one. I've got the FEL brackets and supports mounted including one I had to custom build for the nose of the tractor. Mechanically, the tractor is ready for the FEL. Hydraulically, not so much. The previous owner had routed 1/4" hydraulic remotes to the the nose of the tractor from the rear remotes. Because of the odd location, they were actually cutting more grass and brush than my bush hog. That and the fact that they're too small for the FEL led me to remove them and plug the ports. This tractor came "loader ready" as near as I can tell with the exception that there are no factory mid-mount remotes which I need for the 340L. Soooo, I would be beholding to any fellow R2844 owners who could post some detailed photos of their FEL hydraulic connections.

At this point, I'm going to stay with the factory elevation and curl controls. However, I don't sense that the OEM FEL controls supported the float function. Is that a fair assessment?

Last but not least, I do plan to change over to a fender-mounted joystick in the near future. So, if any of you have added a fender mounted joystick to your R-series Montana, I'd greatly appreciate your advice and recommendations.

Guys, this is your chance to educate, brag or just generally show off. So make it good and thanks for the assist.

: )