Tires R4 tires for B8200 HST-D

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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Buddies rear wheel(s) are shot so he needs to replace at least one of them. He has turfs and really not well suited for his use. Does anybody know of a good salvage yard or used equipment dealer that would have wheels and/or R4 tires for this machine?

Looks like 12.4-16 is the proper size based on the 7800 specs having the same 13.6-16 turf spec which is what this machine has on it now.

I think the machine is a bit underpowered for the diameter of the turfs that it has now as it doesn't like the middle and upper ranges.

What I'd like to confirm is if the 7800 and 8200 use same wheel bolt patterns, same front to rear ratio, and who makes the 12.4-16 tires and wheels that they use? Looks like Titan is making the wheels and most of the tires, but nobody seems to list a 12.4-16 R4 tire. Titan has a Tru-Power unit that looks close. Titan makes a 14-17.5 that sizes pretty close and would be a good choice. Deere uses this tire on the 4100's etc, but their wheel pattern is on a smalller circle than Kubota...
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B7800 and B27-2910 tractors have the same rear bolt pattern as the B8200. I don't know about the front wheels. Attached is a copy of tire, wheels and ballast page from my 2910 manual. To Complicate the fronts more. The Turf tires changed from a 12" to 14" rims in 2002.