Rail roads and their tracks.

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   / Rail roads and their tracks.
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Happy anniversary of the connection of the Transcontinental Railway!

What about for Mars? Do you think it would eliminate the need for all the canals? :)
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Nearly four dozen 'experimental' 6,600 hp DD40x Centennial engines served UP for ~ 2,000,000 miles/per from '69 to '85. IIRC there's one or two in preservation and one is kept operational. (like Big Boy #4014)

Literally two engines on one frame and with D-D trucks underneath, so four powered axles for each of them. btw, not for us 3-rail modelers, but has been out there in HO scale since way back. ('70s)

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I can't be there 'lately' lol (NSW, Aus) but this video is so well edited I just had to share. btw, As usual steam excursion trains include a diesel for its dynamic braking, electrical vs with shoes/linings that are cost-prohibitive to replace. (you knew that)

Engines look EU-style while cars/wagons look NA style. This one's a bit long but IMO not a minute is wasted. Call it cinematography, and I hope you enjoy the view(s).

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Pic of me sitting in UP 6944 in National Museum of Transport, St. Louis, 1991 and exterior of unit. Wow, I'm young, skinny and have hair:)
UP6944 Nat Mus Transport 8-5-91(4).jpg
UP6944 Nat Mus Transport 8-5-91(2).jpg