Rail roads and their tracks.

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I have always been into MOW equipment, ballast regulators, Jordan spreaders, etc. Couple of pics from local area.
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Maybe they have the concrete tie technology figured out now (fibermesh, proper reinforcing, etc.) but when they first came out with the idea in the 70's I remember them having problems with the ties cracking and coming apart.

Around my home, the previous owner installed used RR ties at various locations for landscaping, etc., and the ones he used were some kind of recycled tie. Apparently they tried running old ties through a big chipper, then gluing the chips back together around a stick of wood to make a new tie, similar to making OSB. This must not have been successful, because I have never seen them in use, and the ones around here have mostly disintegrated.

here’s some of our rail crew doing some of that work locally. We still have an active freight line or 2 in my area. The rest got abandoned after NAFTA.

I’m pulling out of a small local quarry in my IH7500 dump truck.



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I didn't get the story on why this gorgeous NG Mike (Mikado) is being retired. I really hope the carriages stay on the line.
Not retiring. Changing to oil fired.

"The D&SNG’s last active coal burning locomotive, number 481, will see its final winter as a coal burning engine before undergoing a conversion to burn oil later in 2024."

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A confluence of a BNSF switch crew delivering cars to CHS and Viterra plus the Presque Isle arriving for work at Fraser Shipyards today in Superior WI. I suspect the dry (graving) dock at the shipyard already has blocks laid out for the Michipicoten, expected in the next day or so for evaluation and hopefully repair. Tug Helen H assisted. Superior, WI - June 15, 2024 Or where should I have posted this? Rail-n-boats? :LOL:
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Union Pacific Steam Club Update No. 34 - June 17, 2024
UP Steam

Big Boy No. 4014 Will Steam Across 10 Midwestern andSouthern States

Union Pacific's legendary Big Boy No. 4014,the world's largest operating steam locomotive built to conquermountains, will embark on a second tour this year, with a trip plannedthis fall in middle America, including Chicago and Houston.

The "Heartland of America Tour" will start Thursday, Aug.29 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and include nine additional states: Arkansas,Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma andTexas. The eight-week tour concludes in late October.

Scheduled DisplayDays:

Sunday, Sept. 8: Rochelle, Illinois (Chicago metroarea)
Sunday, Oct. 6: Houston, Texas
Thursday/Friday, Oct. 10-11: Fort Worth,Texas

Additional route detailswith locations and times will be shared closer to the tour. Inall, Big Boy No. 4014 will visit 14 states in 2024, including fivestates during this summer's "Westward Bound" tour from Wyoming toCalifornia.

Big Boy Gets a PTC Update
Big Boy No. 4014 was recently outfitted with an updatedPositive Train Control (PTC) system, a system designed to stop certainrail incidents before they occur. The new system's components –computer, GPS satellite and radio antennas – are now entirely housedwithin the Big Boy and its tender. This will allow No. 4014 to operatewithout a diesel locomotive in the consist; however, our Steam Teamstill plans to travel with a diesel to save wear and tear on the BigBoy's custom brakes as well as extend fuel and water when needed. Readmore about thisintersection of cutting-edge technology and Union Pacific heritagein Inside Track!

Order Your Big Boy Merchandise!
This year, you can order your t-shirts, hats and hoodiesahead of time so you are properly outfitted ahead of this year's Big Boytours! You can check out the new 2024 merchandise exclusively at the OfficialUnionPacificStore.com web site! If you are able to join us at ourOgden and Roseville display days, you'll be able to purchase 2024calendars with a special limited-edition poster on-site.

Westward Bound Tour Schedule Update
Our team is finalizing the details for some additionalpublic whistle-stops during the Westward Bound tour. Check the officialsteam schedule at UPsteam.com laterthis week for the updates!
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I have RR experience when I worked for about 5 different car repair shops over the years as a welder. (ak carmen) This thread is about anything associated with RR's.
RR , usually one working four standing watching
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Speaking of flooded tracks north of Duluth MN. Pellets are steaming.
Woke up to a text from Christopher Rengo telling me about James Schultz taking a duo of SD40Us. North out of Two Harbors to save a train that had two out of three C40-8s died at MP 38. Made it to Fairbanks ran into them there heading north. But with roads still washed out next spot to shoot was MP 13 I think (Stewart). Then made it to MP 12 or 11 I think. Then headed for the bridge in Two Harbors MN
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As we came home from northern MN yesterday, we stopped in Proctor MN for lunch and picnicked next to this beast. The Baldon 225 seemed to have the 4 rear divers attached to the frame while the front truck had articulation. It has a 4-4 driver system. In the one detail photo you can see the steam pipe connection to the drive truck allowing movent. That pipe was about 6" in diameter. The tenders front truck also articulated.
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Yellowstones (2-8-8-4) are fully articulated, and not being compounded ('double expansion') they're sometimes wrongly referred to as Mallets. ('mallays'). Baldwin's answer to ALCO's Challengers and Big Boys for UP, and to Lima's Alleghenies built for Eastern lines. All were strong pullers and none were duds.