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Feb 19, 2010
Montana 5670
I'm hoping some one can HELP me. I have a 5740. I'm having problems shifting it into reverse and of course its out of warranty. I have been told by a local mechanic that the shift lever that runs into the transmission was not strong enough and would twist inside the transmission causing it not to go into gear. The local dealership has since stopped carrying Montana equipment (something about Montana oweing them money). I have looked and looked and can not find a repair manual for the tractor does anybody know where to find one at. I'm also having problems with the leeking fuel tank going on the third tank and of course cant get one. Also the PTO switch on the dash has just quit dont know why but guess i need to get one somewhere. Any help woudl be greatly apprieciated cause i'm getting frustrated.:confused:
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I too have a 5740C (a 2005) and one of your problems, the leaking gas tank, is something a lot of us have experienced. After repairing my leaking original hard plastic tank once and then having it leak worse almost exactly a year later, I couldn't see going back with another hard plastic tank. I put a post in here several months ago about taking out the hard plastic tank and having a local welder make me a new one of 3/8 inch steel, with the same dimentions as the plastic one, minus the rounded corners of course. It works like a charm and now I don't worry about any leaks again!

As far as a manual goes, one of the fellows in here works at a dealership carrying Montanas and has the manuals on line. I'm sure he'll send you a download link, like he did for me, as soon as he reads your post. My post regarding that is also a few months ago and you'll find it easily just by looking at back posts. Good luck as I know personally it can et frustrating, but for the money, these are still the best value tractors out there in my opinion.
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Thanks for the information. I figured i was gonna have to make a fuel tank but really didnt want to. Have you had any problems with the pto switch mine just quit working and can't figure out why guess I'll have to buy a new one.
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BTW, where in Texas are you? You active DPS?

I had that happen too regarding the PTO switch when mine was brand new. The dealer came out and fixed it immediately. Apparently the wires from that PTO switch go to a connector, and if that connector isn't connected, you have a dead PTO switch because it's then NOT connected to the PTO. I'd really check that first. It's underneath the cab, I believe, and that's probably the same thing that's wrong with yours. Check that before doing any buying of a new PTO switch.
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I live in Terrell its about 20 miles east of Dallas but the small farm is located in Forney. Yes im currently active with DPS and enjoying every minute of it. You said you got the manual from a a guy on here is there any way you remember his name or could you possible email it to me just let me know. I'll try the switch first on the pto before i go and try to buy a new one.

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Sorry for the thread hijack, but is a repair manual available for a 2740? No problems with the lil' feller yet, but may need one later on. Thanks....Dan.
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I'd also like a copy of the 4940C manual if possible. Mine is an original LG Montana blue in colour. I was one of the first to post the gas tank problem as mine was older than others here and it showed up first. Since it's been replaced I haven't had any further problems with the plastic gas tank (touch wood) even in the hot weather we get here in East Texas.

Good luck with your PTO switch issue.

I echo Unclebuck that for the price these are really good tractors.....the supplier has been the real problem. We really miss old J.D. as the company hasn't been the same since he passed away.

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We have a 5740 and had to modify the shift linkage, which has no provision for greasing the pivot points, the outer link had to be stiffened because it was flexing I'm in Van TX, maybe not too far to take a look at it.RC
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If anyone has a manual for the 5740c that they could email. I would greatly appreciate it. We too are having issues with the fuel tank and hydrauilics.
Email is thanks