Repair manual 5740

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The cab is designed to tilt back. If you notice there are back hinge points of the cab attached on top of the rear axle. Disconnect all the electrical plugs, there is no need to cut any wire at all. The AC lines have quick connects just above the fuel tank so there is no need to de pressure the AC system. Disconnect all the linkages, heater hoses and unbolt the front part of the cab leaving the back pivot points bolted. Get a lift or a few strong buds and tilt the cab towards the back of the tractor. This will open up the top area on the transmission where you can pull the inspection covers off and look down the transmission for your problems.
Hi Texasgreen want to see if the above description you gave to a new 5740 owner was for a 5740 or 5740C. If I am not forgetting what i read shortly after buying my 5740 the C stands for one with the cab, doors ect.
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Trying to resurrect this thread and ask if anyone can please forward me a Repair Manual for the Montana 5740. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Hi I know it has been a few years since your post but did you manage to get hold of a 5740 repair manual? If you did would you share a copy with me? KY