Replace T5c outrigger cylinder-one or both? Replacement options

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Jul 28, 2007
One of my T5c outrigger cylinders has had a leak for a while, but recently got so bad that it was leaking a lot even while the machine was off and parked. I bought the seal kit. Disassembly was hard because of some rust near the top of the cylinder, but then I noticed scoring and gouges deep down in the cylinder. I cleaned it up and put it back together for now, but I believe I need another cylinder.

First question: should I replace both outrigger cylinders? The other one needs new seals, too, but I'm wondering if it is best to replace both at once. They've both been operated in the dirt for so long that I wonder if I shouldn't just buy new ones and not fool with trying to rebuild the other one.

Second question: is this a workable substitute cylinder? There's another thread here where it was suggested that this would work if .125" were cut off each rod end sleeve. T5C Outrigger cylinder

Third question: could I cut off .125" off each rod end sleeve using an evolution metal cutting saw or does it need to go to a machine shop?
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Since noboby bothered to help you, and I'd venture a guess you probably already moved on, but in the event you haven't, here's my suggestions; as to question #1: Rebuild your cylinder if you can get it off (it's much cheaper to buy a repacking kit for $50 than buying a new cylinder). As to question #2: I'd personally stay away from cylinders sourced from Amazon. You might come to regret the quality. Go to a local hydraulic shop and buy local. You not only help the local businesses, which we should all do when we can, but you have somebody to go back to for other issues that inevitably crop up. For example, when I was new to "hydraulic problems", I once had trouble getting an outter seal replaced on one of my FEL's hydraulic pistons or glands (forget which) so I went by the shop and not only did they offer some great tips but did the job for me for free (as a regular customer). And you could certainly cutt .125 thou. off with a metal chop saw if you needed. Wear eye protection! Good luck!
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I haven't dealt with the outrigger other than rebuilding it, but also rebuilt the boom cylinder and it leaked as badly as before the rebuild. Lost patience, and replaced it with a cylinder from Amazon figuring that $200 was better than buying a seal kit and going through the exercise of trying to rebuild the cylinder again. Don't know how long it will last but at least the leak has stopped for now.

Cutting the end to size with the Evolution was a quick no-go because I couldn't find a way to accurately lock it into position to cut. I ended up grinding the end.

Overall, I'm not going to recommend doing this if there are alternatives.
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If it leaked as badly as before, then you might have damaged the two outter seals during the install process. I rebuilt my 2 FEL cylinders recently as one leaked internally, and they didn't have the power to hold the bucket in-place when back-dragging dirt. Anyway, I had to clean up the area where the gland does in the cylinder as it was rusted and pitted. That will tear up a seal for sure. Did you make sure the seals were both facing "out" when you replaced them? There is a slight difference on each one and they have to face out from each other to work.
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There was some corrosion at the top of the cylinder that I tried to clean up with fine sandpaper. reassembly Didn’t feel smooth. Saw the leak when reinstalled. At end of patience. New cylinder doesn’t leak.
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I totally get that. I had to make a ramp out of steel or aluminum (forget which) to get my very first rebuilt piston back inand over the damaged areas of my cylinder's barrel b/c I just couldn't get it back together. That totally frustrated me to the point you probably found yourself before buying a new one. Anyway, after letting it sit overnight to think about the problem (I was actually obsessed if being honest), the thought came to me to try and put a sleeve with pipe clamps over the entire piston so both seals would be compressed and I let that sit overnight so the seals were seated well in their groves. Then I cut up a can of whip cream (it's painted on the inside with an inert lacquer-like sealant that's really smooth), and bent it around some ~2" bar stock so in effect I made a ramp about 1/3 the dia. of a circle and used that to guide the piston back in. Worked like a charm. Anyway, good luck!