Replace T5c outrigger cylinder-one or both? Replacement options

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Jul 28, 2007
One of my T5c outrigger cylinders has had a leak for a while, but recently got so bad that it was leaking a lot even while the machine was off and parked. I bought the seal kit. Disassembly was hard because of some rust near the top of the cylinder, but then I noticed scoring and gouges deep down in the cylinder. I cleaned it up and put it back together for now, but I believe I need another cylinder.

First question: should I replace both outrigger cylinders? The other one needs new seals, too, but I'm wondering if it is best to replace both at once. They've both been operated in the dirt for so long that I wonder if I shouldn't just buy new ones and not fool with trying to rebuild the other one.

Second question: is this a workable substitute cylinder? There's another thread here where it was suggested that this would work if .125" were cut off each rod end sleeve. T5C Outrigger cylinder

Third question: could I cut off .125" off each rod end sleeve using an evolution metal cutting saw or does it need to go to a machine shop?