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Mar 30, 2017
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I'm pretty sure that one of the major causes of fires in my general area is people mowing....

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I HAD one of those. Black - Datsun 2000. I think it was around '66 or '67. Wife and I drove from Anchorage - out the Alcan - to our folks home in Omak, WA. and back. Rode like a COB - hard to keep in tune with the down-draft carbs. But it was a blast with the top down. Not so really great in the winter in Anchorage. Kept it three or four years - traded it in for a Jeep pickup.
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There was a story on the Hot Rod channel, on an episode of Super Turbo Story Time about the Fairlay. One of the Datsun salesmen thought it would never sell in America with that name, and met some of the cars coming of the boats and rebadged them with 240Z emblems. Thet sold like hotcakes, the Japanese Datsun corporate bigwigs were pissed but relented and further shipments had the 240Z badging. But, as was common int Japanese business, they soon fired the salesman that rebadged them in the US, you don't mess with the bigwigs.