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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
Rk55HC 4n1 fel/bh, Power-Trac 1850, 425d, Terex pt30, Kubota kx033, bx1880, yanmar 8x8 dumper, Magnatrac mh5000 w/ loader, six way blade & backhoe, Dew-eze ATM72LC Slope Mower, Terramite t6 4wd, DR Power brush mower
Hi all,

Just paid for a brand new rk55hc. I'll pick it up in a couple of weeks in Martinsville, VA. I've owned a lot of compact equipment, but this is the first new/warranty I've had on a machine or vehicle.

Just thought I'd say hi, I usually live in the power trac and terramite sections of TBN.

With the tractor I got the fel, 4n1, grapple, bh and a brush mower for the 3pt. Likely to grab the little dump trailer when I pick up.

I appreciate you other owners posting maintenance info and experiences, it's super helpful and adds confidence and I look forward to chiming in ... I'd be lost wo TBN's power trac forum.

I was tractor shopping bc I'm doing more work a standard tractor is suited for now than I used to. I do land management and trail construction but farm restoration is really taking over. I'm also very ready to get a cab because July & August are inhumane. The value to power&feature ratio made this tractor really stand out. I have three rk's w/in 2h so I feel pretty good about service if needed.

Be well, here's to a much better new year!
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I just bought mine cab equipped version about three months ago. Man the air is sure nice in the summer. Had a bobcat CT335 before this one. This is about the same size and so far I havent had any issues. Mine is used for the most part to mow. Only have 15hrs on mine. The beet juice filled rear tires have stunk up my barn, wildest thing to say ...but el-stinko.
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The beet juice filled rear tires have stunk up my barn, wildest thing to say ...but el-stinko.

That's hilarious. Thanks for the heads up.
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The other thing, I just remembered is the three point control on these, is really coarse. There isnt really a fine control to the height with mine so far. Move the adjustment lever, and all of a sudden it jumps a lot. Again my last tractor wasnt this jumpy on the controls, it works you just have to play with it to get where you want it.