RK74 are being dis-continued

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Dec 8, 2010
huntington, Indiana
Looking at their RK tractor site today. On the face book portion thread. The RK74 is only available to the end of this year.
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Considering it is RK, is not surprising. I haven't seen any evidence of more than half-assed effort to support their tractors. Box stores expect to sell then someone else do the support.

Buy a John Deere or Cub Cadet mower at a box store then need warranty service. You will be told to go to a mower dealer other than the box store.
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It might be just because of emissions.

Branson also had to discontinue their 7845, equivalent to the RK74, due to emissions.

They are now waiting for all the approval process till they can release the new 7445.

Emissions will only get tighter and tighter as the time goes by.
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Am not aware of a new tier for emissions coming in 2022. There is no Tier 5.
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I was told by someone on the inside that they are getting out of these larger sized units due to the fact they are hard to service and the repair shops cant handle the size. As matter of fact my local store cant even fit my 55 in the shop on site, because it wont fit in the service bay! I was told they would gladly work on it, but it would be done outside.