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Jun 22, 2000
Oklahoma CIty, OK
John Deere 4300 HST
For Information Only. I had bought a JD JS60 lawn mower which the engine blew up on after 3 hours of mowing. I suspect the engine was bad from the start. It never had enough power for a 6 hp engine, in my opinion, and always had a funny sound. I took it back to the dealer and he offered to replace it with a new one or let me apply the purchase price to another mower. I exchanged for a JD JX75 which is JD's top of the line rotary lawn mower. It is absolutely as good a mower as its reputation. It has all the power to mow through virtually anything and will mulch, bag, or side-discharge equally well. Consumer Reports rates it as the best lawn mower made and I believe it probably is. The cut is so good it looks like a reel mower cut. The engine sounds great. It is not rated as the best buy, however. At a little over $700, it is fairly pricy but I think it is worth what I paid based on quality and ease of use. I suspect I will never need another mower in my lifetime.After being extremely critical of the other mower I felt obligated to offer praise where it is due as well./w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif
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Eddie, I have a JE75 (electric start) version of your JX75 and also find it an incredible walk-behind mower. Glad to hear you were were well-served by your dealer in handling the problem of the mower with "infant mortality."