Ryobi RY3818 chainsaw for $100 from Ebay

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Jun 10, 2017
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Purchased reconditioned Ryobi RY3818 chainsaw for $100 from Ebay recently,
Overall, I am very satisfied with the $100 chainsaw.

   / Ryobi RY3818 chainsaw for $100 from Ebay
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I had someone give me a Ryobi RY10532 40cc saw. Changed the oil pump and drive gear for about $10, removed and drilled out the muffler, changed all the lines and fuel filter. Ret-uned (take a Single D tool), runs pretty good, but, not consistently, though I will probably get it done this week. It really likes the real Oregon S62 chain. I noticed when you lean on it, it does change the idle speed, it is alright for what it is, a free saw. Since I drilled the muffler and tuned it, it now cuts faster bogged down in the cut then my Atlas 80v chainsaw running the same saw bar and chain. I decided to bring the Alas 80v down to a A041 14" bar using Oregon chain, hardly ever stalls now and can run into 1 bar left.
Sounds like you did a great job on the free chainsaw.😉😉😉

This reconditioned saw is almost brand new, not much noticed using and only paid $100.

Cutting the hard wood log was really great and the most important thing is that it is lightweight compared to the Husqvarna 450 and happy.

Personally I still don't trust the battery operated chainsaw because it is not strong enough and has longevity.
Maybe someday I might try but not now.