"Sharpened" the bush hog blades

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Dec 19, 2003
Charlottesville, VA, USA
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Took the bush hog blades off and "sharpened" them.

Explained to my wife that the nuts holding the blades in place took longer to tighten up because I did not get the titties on the bolts lined up with the built-in brassieres in the bush hog hub.

Broke one of the two 4x1/2 inch bolts holding the tail wheel in place. For some reason the nylock nut decided to bind up on one of them and broke the bolt. Lowes has them. Normally run it without the tail wheel a bit and then retorque a few days later and put the tail wheel back on.
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I know they’re a b__ch to take off I think I’d rather flip it over and use the angle grinder
   / "Sharpened" the bush hog blades
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Don't have an angle grinder and would not want to be underneath there trying to hold one of those up to grind the blades.
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I always take a farm or hi lift jack and raise the cutter. Put a jack stand under it. Clamp some vise grips on blade so I can hold it. Sharpen with an angle grinder.
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I flipped mine with bucket forks onto a pile of old tires. Removed blades and sharpened on the bench grinder.
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I do the flip-n-grind because my 1/2"air impact doesn't have enough balls to loosen nuts on blades. I've tried 3/4" breakover bar,socket and cheater pipe. All I did was flop and drag the shreader around from one side of shop to the other,out the door and in the dirt🥵 without budging the nuts.
i can't figure why 4 angle grinders sometimes aren't enough for me and some people get by without even one.
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I hope you all are just cutting desirable grasses since you're sharpening brush hog blades. If you are cutting brush and weeds, dull blades are better, they leave a shattered stalk that won't grow back and also won't leave a sharp point to puncture tires.

And the best thing to use to try to remove the blade nuts is a Milwaukee 18V 1/2" impact, Haven't found anything yet it won't remove ...or break off :)
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I flipped mine with bucket forks onto a pile of old tires. Removed blades and sharpened on the bench grinder.

Bench grinders are not used much anymore. I worked 8n a shop over 1/4 mile long. Built drilling rigs. Not a bench grinder in that place.
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If that fellow didn't already have the handle Old Grind,I'd just change to it. I have 4 angle grinders, a bench grinder with 2 stones + spare stones in a drawer, a bench grinder with 2 wire wheels. The mandrel with buffing wheels doesn't count, does it? :sneaky:.
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My lawnmower blade grinder came with the adapter for bush hog blades. Used it once not too impressed. Rather use my 9 inch angle grinder.