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Delcho Valkov

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Jul 6, 2024
BCS 780 HQ
Hello everyone.
I have a BCS 780 two wheel tractor which is an amazing machine capable of powering so many attachments. Couple of months ago I bought a petrol powered shredder (Jansen gts-2000 pro) but barely used it 2 or 3 times due to its weight and the incapability of moving it around easily, so I thought - why not use the engine of the BCS and buy a shredder as an attachment to it. It will be a lot easier to move and while I may sacrifice some power I would use it more often. And at the end, one engine powering many machines sounds more reliable than having a different engine for each task.
So after some time spend researching I’ve reduced the list down to two models - the Caravaggi BIO 90, which is capable of shredding things up to 7cm and the FBC CIP.8 (some other Italian company) which is good for up to 8cm.

Now here is the thing: The Caravaggi is the company that produces the BCS shredder you can buy with them directly, they are well known for being of good quality and being quite reliable (from what I’ve read on some BCS forums).
FBS - I’ve never heard of them. Can someone here help me with any information on that company or their shredders?! Does anybody have any experience with them ?
I personally like the FBS better because of the bigger diameter of material capable of shredding, pure looks and lower price - I could get this one for about 1000 euro less than the Caravaggi. The problem is that I’ve never heard anything about this company and unfortunately they don’t have a dealer in Bulgaria where I live (so if anything happens with this shredder - I’m on my own). Caravaggi has an official dealer here and 2 years warranty.

Any help will be much appreciated!
P.S. If some of you have any other suggestion for a machine that I could use on my BCS - please throw a name in here!
All the best,
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Good morning Delcho and welcome to TBN. Unfortunately - I've not heard of either chipper you mentioned. However - I would recommend that service and part availability be a valid concern on any purchase.

Hang in here - surely somebody with exact product knowledge will come along and provide the information you seek.

Have a good weekend. Oosik
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I owned this one for a couple years TRX50 Brush Chipper - Earth Tools

It is the Caravaggi TRX50 High-speed Brush Chipper, the smaller of the two high speed chippers posted on the Earthtools website.

I got the smaller one because they say it is better at chipping wet material and I got it specifically for making silage. I ended up selling it because it was not able to go fast enough to be efficient. Also often it would get clogged and I would have to shut the BCS down, pull the output shoot off and clean it out by hand.

I used it a few times to chip brush and it performed well for a small chipper. It seemed very well made as well.

I would recommend getting the biggest one your machine can handle without seriously bogging down.

That FBC machine looks pretty hip, It looks very similar to the Caravaggi TRX50 that I had but much bigger. The output shoot on it looks to twice the size or more which was the biggest problem I had with the trx50.
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Greetings Delcho,

I can't remember his name now but there was a guy on this forum years ago who was a BCS dealer. He posted a video of him chipping up some brush with his BCS chipper. It looked like the limiting factor was the horse power of the machine. It didn't look like the machine would have enough power to gobble up 7cm maple.

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I agree with NibbanaFarm in that the hp is the key.

I have the Caravaggi bio 150 run it with my 12.9 hp 149 and find that the limiting factor IS indeed the hp. It is a great tool and will chip up to about 7.5 cm but I can bog the engine easily with bigger limbs if I’m not careful.

I would stick with Caravaggi if I had to replace it.
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Should have added: it is also dependent on the material being processed
It will go thru soft woods like cedar with little resistance but I ran a butternut thru yesterday and had to slow down to avoid bogging or jamming -stuff was like steel cable