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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
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I am starting to build a side mower. I believe this will be the hardest project I have taken on yet. It will most likely be 2 or 3 weeks before finishing. I will post more pics as progress permits but for now does anyone recognize this deck?


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Looks like a Snapper deck.
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Are you going to put an engine or a hydraulic motor on it?
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Yes that is right JJ it’s a 28" snapper deck. I am of course going to us a hydraulic motor and build it somewhat like Power tracs. There are so many advantages in making it hydraulic. The motor is a .7 cc. I hope I have calculated right!


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FYI, you can edit your own posts if you want to, up to 12 hours after you post. You can change the attached picture, too...

On to the mower project...

Looks very interesting. I noticed a pickup tube on the deck. What are your intened uses for this mower? I see leaf pickup as a possibility. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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Thanks Moss, didn't know that, corrections made. I have lots of uses for the side mower. Pond banks and road ditches are the main ones. I hope to get this mower to blow grass out and away form the water to be picked up later with the yard sweeper. Of course the pickup can be removed and caped if not needed.
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I would like to find a true off set mower.
The mowers everybody calls off set are really just regular mowers that track in an over lapping path of the towing tractor.
The common characteristic of all tow behind mowers including the so called off set ones is that they al cut only between the wheels whereas a true off set mower would mow outside the wheels.
To me a true off set mower would be a mower that cuts well beyond the path it follows if you get my drift.
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Do you mean you would want a mower that would cut, say, a 5' path, but the wheels would only be 4' apart, so that the cut overlaps the wheel tracks by six inches or so?
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I would just match your pump output to a hydraulic motor, seems like it would be larger that .7cc. You don't want to much pump , and not enough motor, or the relief valves would be bypassing. I believe that your pto output is solenoid control, and therefore you have full output at all times, where as mine, has a handle control, which I can control the hyd flow. The blades for this deck would normally turn about 1600 to about 2500 rpm. I have used the Snapper decks before, and they will suck the dirt right out of the ground with that rounded deck.
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I found this one that someone on TBN had built for their 3PH. It uses a 2 cycle motor.


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