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Feb 21, 2005
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Looking at going to a skid steer attach plate for my FEL to open up my attachment possibilities. Originally, I thought that the skid steer carrier juct clipped on, but now it sounds like it's a bit more involved than that, and I may be better off attaching the carrier and leaving it on

The bucket choice is also a tough one. Most of the skid steer buckets have little or no top lip. They are also heavier weight indicating tougher build. Aside from design is there anything else in the geometry (back wall vs floor) that could hose me up?
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I believe the carrier is in place of the normal QT bucket carrier on the loader. Normally you wouldn't have the option of switching between them, unless you were to have purchased both.
As far as buckets, there are several styles of bucket for SS loaders.. manure, utility, construction, foundry, etc. I believe a utility would closest match the std bucket, but more than likely be deeper. the construction buckets usually have a lower profile, for easier vision of the cutting edge, and a longer bottom and shorter back. Foundry buckets aren't very common, as they are short and kind of stubby. (although SS SAE testing is done with that bucket)
You are right about versatility, although most options that the tractor can run, are now available with mounts for the JD loaders...
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If you order Deere's skid steer adapter for the 300CX loader, it mounts in place of the normal Deere QA. You are then fully committed to the skid steer type mount.

But there is an adapter made by ATI Corporation that mounts onto your normal Deere QA system. This adapter would allow you to just "clip on" the skid steer system.
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Thanks guys! I'm thinking that I'll just put the Deere skid steer carrier on the loader from day one.

Looking at the specs, the manure/slurry bucket looks like a decent match. The Utility is pretty darn big. In reality, the foundry bucket may be closer to the CUT bucket in depth. Still looking for specs on the Deere CUT buckets. If need be I can measure one on Saturday.
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Be very, very careful with an actual skid steer bucket on your loader. Personally, I don't recommend it at all. Skid steer buckets are just too heavy and too deep. You will lose loader performance. I have tried putting skid steer buckets on my compact tractor and was not happy with the results.

The skid steer quick attaches are great for using pallet forks, manure forks, or other attachments on a compact tractor. But, it is best to get a skid steer-compatible bucket designed for a compact tractor.
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The 6 ft. bucket that came with my KMW loader is a skid steer bucket, says it right on the part ID sticker.
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Willman, you have a loader with considerably more lift capacity than a Deere 300X. I stand by my statement.
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I see your point, and it is valid. But the only aftermarket coupler I have looked at was on a Kubota L3600 or so and the complaint was poor loader performance. The coupler he just installed moved the bucket out 6" and crippled his curl capacity and limited the lift capacity as well. There is no free lunch. NH QA compact loader buckets use the universal SSL attachment system. Can't guess why Deere doesn't straighten out and get on board. You can't even swap Deere attachments between loader series.
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The 66" foundry bucket is pretty close to the tractor bucket, about 200# heavier, but a whole lot tougher.

Depth is 27 vs 23, and height is 25.8 vs 20"

I'll have the std tractor attach arms available if I bite off more than I can chew. I could also get an aftermarket bucket that is sized more like the Deere green bucket. The green buckets are just so darn flimsy. The skid steer attach is a nice tight wedge so the bucket won't flop around like the tractor unit does.