small carb neelde jets



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Dec 31, 2012
Ottawa, Ont
OK this is for all you plating guys out there

Almost all small engine carbs today suffer from the dreaded ethanol.

I'm tired of pulling the idle needle jets out of my carbs every couple of weeks, giving them a brass brush "rub" to remove the rust and gunk, a quick spray of carb cleaner and putting them back in just to get the machines to run correctly again.

Things I've tried : Only high test gas , keeping the tank topped up, running the carbs dry before putting them away till the next time they are needed , fuel stabilizer ... it all helps a bit but the problem returns

Is there some EASY way to plate the jets so they don't rust? Or am I doomed to get stainless screws ( or nylon, etc ) , break out the lathe and turn new needle jets myself?

There are no plating shops left in town. Closest one is 200 Miles away and they won't handle a "small job".:(

I've done type 2 anodizing of aluminum , but I know it won't work on steel.

ANY suggestions?