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Jul 5, 2005
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Has anyone just used their Bucket for moving/pushing snow. I have a plow I can hook up. I would rather save the attachment plate to use for other devices this summer if I can get away with it.

How well fast or slow will the small bucket handle the job of snow removal. Can it be used on float to push snow in a limited fashion, without tearing up an asphalt driveway? I realize it has no angle for pushing to the side, and no runners to keep it up off of the drive. My drive is about 150 foot. Thanks for any advice. /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
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I have used the small bucket to push snow away from the front of our barn where I cannot get my truck to(without risking getting stuck or maybe taking out a fence post or 2!) reasonably well but I prefer a plow blade due to the angle. It sure beats the method I was using up until last winter(oh, my aching back !). I think I got my best results not using float.
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so you are saying it does work in a slow limited fashion, but not to good for a long driveway. With no runners using float can I keep it from grinding into the drive? I don't have any posts to worry about. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
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We have both the large and small buckets and the plow. Our driveway is paved and about 100-120 feet long.

Without wheels to roll on like the plow, the bucket will have to slide on the snow. It could leave some scrape marks on the drive, but so could the plow if you tipped it past the wheels and rode on the lip(if you didn't have the rubber lip kit), so that point is moot. Just use caution.

I used the large material bucket a couple times and it did fine. One pass down the middle and then progressive passes down the sides to clean up any overflow. Worked fine. Never tried the small bucket. It would work. It may take a few more passes, that's all. In a snowfall under 3-4 inches, it would probably do a great job.

Having said that, the power angle plow from PT is 10 times the snow removal tool as the large bucket. Why? Because you can lift the snow up higher and push it over the top of the pile. I can stack snow 6' + with the plow. The bucket can't dump past 4' and would remain full when stacking higher. The power angle makes it easy to push back the ridges over the grass and away from the driveway edges traveling parallel with the drive. To push back ridges at the grass with the bucket, you need to attack it perpendicular, taking more time.

If you get limited snowfall or have a budget to follow, I'd say use the bucket and see how you like it. If it is acceptable to you, that's all that matters. If it is unacceptable, save up for a plow.

Hope this helps.
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thanks for the input, sounds like you've done it all. I have a craftsman snow plow, I'm sure would work fine on the PT. I just wanted to save my attachment plates for other uses, and I have a neighbor that has the same Lawn Tractor. I know he could use the plow on his drive.

Looks like I better go ahead and mount the plow. It will be quicker and I have runners on the plow. I just didn't want to waste the plate to find out the small bucket does a more than adequate job.
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Any tricks to help keep snow from sticking in the bucket. Like DW-40 or Pam? Or does this wear off after the first couple of buckets full. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
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I keep my plow in an unheated garage and don't have very much snow that sticks to the blade ever. I've heard ski wax works. Also heard pledge works.