Squaredancing Tractors


Dale Binkley

Apr 7, 2000
Chester County, PA
Kubota B2100/L301 loader
Have any of you ever seen the "Squaredancing Tractors" from Nemaha, Iowa? I bought a copy of the video at Christmas to entertain my 16 month old grandson, he loves it! He loves to ride with Grandpop on the Kubota but really comes running when he hears the music on the video (he drools at the sight of the restored Farmalls). Anyone who has spent time behind the wheel of a tractor will appreciate the skill and concentration of these "entertainers" as you watch them go through their series of dances.

They have a website with more information, <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.farmallpromenade.com/>http://www.farmallpromenade.com/</A>. I grew with family who farmed with Farmalls and Allis Chalmers, this video helps me show my kids and grandson what the "old days" were like.

It was hard to decide which forum to put this in, this one seemed most appropriate.