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Apr 7, 2002
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I have a Cub Cadet 7272 and here a clicking noise when I try to start it. It takes anywhere from2 to 20 turns of the key and then it will eventually fire up. Now I am to the point where it won't even try to start. No clicking or anything. The battery is good and I checked all the saftey switches and they are fine. My question is, how do you go about troubleshooting to verfiy if the starter or solenoid are bad. The solenoid has 3 terminals on it. One comes dirctly from the positive of the battery and has another wire leaving the same post. Post number two has a wire coming to it and is also connected to the starter. Wire three appears to connect to the case of the solenoid.. I have never messed with a starter before so don't really know what voltages to check for. I am an electrician by trade so I am familiar with motors but never dealt with these before. For starters, what do all the wires/connections do and what do I need to check to make sure they are bad?

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If you have some help, have them turn the key and check the terminal on the solenoid that goes to the starter.The solenoid should be clicking when you turn the key, make sure you have 12vdc going into the solenoid on the small wire from the ignition switch. If you have 12 volts dc going to the starter from the solenoid, then you have a bad starter. If you have 12 vdc going into the solenoid, but not coming out to the starter, then you have a bad solenoid.
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As you know Jerry, a bad ground or (really a grounded conductor) can cause all kinds of problems. However, if the conductor to the starter switch isn't receiving current/voltage from the starter switch it wont work properly. Typically, the current runs through th seleniod relay via a 3rd conductor to the starter switch. All of your connections must be good!!! I would check all of my connections. Last of all I would check my brushes to see if they were worn. Most times (when hot) brushes will show themselves worn (dragging) at those times. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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You don't say what type of engine this is, so I will assume it is gasoline. Many 12 volt engines start on 12 volts and the ignition coil operates on 6 volts. There are 3 terminals on the starter solenoid, one big one in the middle is the power from the battery. Remove this cable from the battery and check the ohm resistance to make sure that there isn't corrosion under the rubber coating that is causing a voltage drop. Also, check the voltage across the terminals of the battery. Make sure that all terminals are clean and tight. The next thing is the wire that goes from the solenoid to the ignition switch. This wire feeds 12 volts from the switch to the solenoid. The switch is getting its 12 volts from the wire that is under the large lug on the solenoid. The last wire from the solenoid goes to the ignition coil. When the solenoid is engaged, it makes contact with this wire and sends 12 volts to the ignition coil. When the solenoid disengages, the ignition coil is fed voltage from the ignition switch through a resistor that drops it to 6 volts. The reasoning for this is to keep the voltage across the ignition points to a minimum. If you feed the points 12 volts constantly, they will burn out prematurely. My guess is that it is a bad connection. The starter is grounded through the case. Do not rap on the starter case, because some of these starters use ceramic parts inside and they crack and shatter easily. Very costly to repair when this happens. Hope that this answers your questions..... Junk..
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I had a similar problem with my John Deere 2010. My starter is a heavy duty unit and remembering what I did as a kid when I had the problem, I took a 2x4 and tapped a couple of times sharply on the starter and it would start right up. Not familiar with your starter but if you do all of the suggested things offered on this thread and still have the problem, it is time for a rebuild. If your starter is one of the newer smaller units I do not recommend the 2x4. Had mine rebuilt for $80 and have not had a problem since.
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Well, per old responses by JimR, I called a starter shop in West Virginia and talked to a gentleman named Jay. They carry the correct starter and solenoid as a unit for the price of $165 plus $12 shipping!!!! Thats over $600 bucks less than Cub cadet!!! Plus is has a 1 year warrenty on it. Thanx so much for the great find JimR. I really hope this solves my starting problem. I have been so frustrated with it lately. While I am waiting for the starter to come in, what checks can I make on the wires to ensure I don't have a bad wire or ground as well? Do they make maintinance/shop manuals for these tractors. I really would like to find an electrical wiring diagram for this 7272.


Here is the starter shops information:

Electric Motor Service
Rt 10 Box 511
Stollings, W.V. 25646
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This subject on the older, Mit. Cubs has been a topic before. There was a fix by adding in a relay or something, can't remember. If you do a search on older posts you should find it. I was going to do mine but never got around to it. BTW, my 7234 does the same thing for a couple of times, but always starts.