Still Waiting For A LS MT342

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Aug 15, 2010
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I ordered the tractor March 16, 21 and still waiting. Dealer says maybe by the end of July. That sucks but he can not help it.
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It's every industry right now. I put an order in for a polaris rzr side x side in May and originally told 4-8 weeks and it's now pushed back until August! Hopefully your tractor gets in soon!
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Your dealer would have gotten the bulletin from LS 2 or 3 weeks ago explaining their supply and shipping issues.

Most likely going to take awhile to fix.
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Yeah, last month I remember reading a market report that John Deere has an $8.1 billion backlog of orders that they are working to fill. They've had a hard time hiring people and also part shortages slowing things down, like computer chips from overseas being one of them.

The United States is importing EACH MONTH $70 billion worth of goods more than it exports, and that's just the deficit! Ports are backed up, and even when production overseas ramped up post covid, it still takes a long time for things to catch up.

There's also been a spike in demand much higher than companies expected. For Deere it was 32% increase over year to year. When companies generally make a product, they allow for some expansion and contraction at the factory so their supply can meet demand, but due to all these reasons, companies just cannot adjust this rapidly.
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That's just 9 combines! :)
It will continue this way until end of 2022 shortages in market place. Be patient once everything catches up there will be good buys. All suppliers I deal with see no end in sight short term. Long-term different outlook 12-18 months things improve. Let’s hope we don’t rebound into an unexpected recession once everything normalizes once again. Save your money for better days to come.
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When I got my tractor it took 6 weeks for the backhoe to come in. I know your pain.
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If the dealer would; not have gotten me a tractor from
another dealer I would still be waiting until November
to get one and I ordered in March

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My son ordered a polaris general back in march .They ended up cancelling his order and told him he would have to wait on a 2022 model at no telling the cost. My local Ls dealer says Ls cant get tires or loaders, he is still waiting on orders from last november.