Stupid Things I Have Done


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Jun 11, 2020
Carthage NC...Deep in the woods
Kubota MX 5800, SkidPro 4 in 1, Ratchet rake, SkidPro pallet forks
Drove my ATV across my big lake. Retrieving a friends goose decoys. I went out on the ATV because I had checked - eleven inches of ice. About 6" on snow on top of the ice. Spring area(s) could not be seen.

I NEVER knew the big lake had springs like my little lake. My yellow lab pulled me out on top of the ice - saved my azz. Duck boat got to the floating ATV. Long rope and tractor pulled the ATV onto the shore.

Oil change and dry air filter - good as new.

I was very lucky. Tried three time to pull myself up onto the ice. The ice was very thin at this spring location. Would not support my weight. Yellow lab was fifty feet away, on the shore, watching all of this. I called him and he came right out to where I was. I grabbed his collar - this scared the snot outa him. He threw it into 4WD reverse - I slid right out onto the firmer ice. After the third time I was in a state of complete exhaustion. Without the dogs help - I probably wouldn't be telling this story.

The lab - Sam - had a char broiled T-bone steak for dinner that night.
good boy

i had a girl yellow lab named sam and now a little tear.....