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Jul 6, 2021
Yanmar YM1500 & YM2000D
I have an old Yanmar Ym 2000D with a FEL, looks like a home built jobbie. It currently has a two spool valve body to operate the FEL. Well a friend gave me another valve body that is a three spool. It is slightly smaller in size but the fitting holes are of a very similar size. I’m wondering how I can calculate if/how much flow loss I would experience if I used it vs the original.

I would like to switch to the three valve as it would give me third function capability. Also the triple is newer and tighter.
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Best way to figure that out would be to try to find the make and model of both valves and try to search for specs online on the flow rating of the valve. Then compare with the flow rating of the tractor. You'll want the flow rate of the valve bigger than the the flow rate on the tractor.

I couldn't find any flow rate specs on the tractor but I assume that it put's out somewhere from 4 to 5 GPM, just a guess here. Most valves have a flow rating of at least 8 GPM. As far as differences comparing both valves, I really doubt you'll notice any difference whatsoever in possible flow losses.
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I also did not find much info on your Yanmar. Other than 20HP.
I ASSUME open center hydraulics. The replacement valve has to be open center if your tractor has open center. A closed center valve will not work (unless your tractor is closed center OR the valve can be converted to open center)
I would also guess your flow is about 4gpm
Something else to consider; does one of the spools have float? Normally used on the loader boom/lift cylinders.
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You guys guess good! Flow rate is 4.5 gallons at 2400 rpm (PTO speed).

I didn't think about them being open/closed centers, I'll see if I can check that tonight.

As far as float....Hmm...only way toc check that might be to pull the spool....or should it just "stick" in the forward position. I don't know what the intended use was for this valve body originally but I doubt it was for an FEL type application, so that may be something I might have to compromise on.
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Might also want to see if your current valve has a power beyond circuit. And if the new one is not PB capable it isnt gonna work
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Hmm... First I gotta figure out what that means..
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PB is power beyond. Pump flow goes through the valve and is available to other circuits downstream. Use of PB valve on a loader on a tractor is pretty common as the oil goes from the loader valve to the rear of the tractor for the 3PT hydraulics.

A PB valve will have work ports (usually 2 per spool) going to the cylinders. There will be 1 hose for pump supply, one hose for PB, one hose going to tank when the valve is in use.

Most replacement type valves can be converted to PB type valve with a plug or sleeve.

I am not sure what type of valve you are looking at, but I used a Prince "Wolverine" style valve rated at 8 GPM on my NH to add rear remotes. The valve has worked flawless and is compact in size. There are various configurations available - # of spools, detent, etc. I got it through Surplus Center.
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Show a picture of the valve you are looking at.
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How many hoses connect to your current valve. It's either 6 or 7
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Instead of replacing your valve with this other one, why not supplement it with the other one? Tee off before your existing valve and run to the new one so now you have 3 new extra functions Instead of just one. And you don't have to sacrifice float or anything else.