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May 27, 2017
Darlington, MD
Terramite T5
I have an outrigger cylinder on a 1997 T5C I need to replace because the housing is cracked and leaks oil. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement and the part number?

Terramite wants $315 for a factory cylinder. Given its measurement (2" bore, 12" stroke, 20" closed, 1" pins) I can find several cylinders that would fit and work just fine for around or under $100, however, everything I can find has 2.75" cylinder end sleeves (which would work) and 2.25" rod end sleeves. On the rod end it needs to be 2" or under. I could use a rod eye style cylinder but then the rod end would be 1.25" wide and I would need .75" worth of spacers.

I am leaning towards buying the sub $100 sleeve style cylinder and cutting .125" off each side of the rod end sleeve, but thought I would register on here and post the question first in case there was a good source of cheap cylinders I don't know about.
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Surplus center seems to be a favorite around here although thier price aren't any better than what you have already found. I have placed 10 orders with them over the last say seven years and been happy.
Surplus Center

I'd go the route you propose with the cheaper cylinder and sleeves.
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I think you won't have any problems cutting the sleeve narrower to fit, sounds like the way to go.