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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Looking to upgrade my DX33 to the larger 45 model. Currently, my 33 just doesn't quite have the power needed for the 72" mm mower, especially in thick or moist grass and I'd also like a larger tractor for some new property we purchased. Here's my question.

I'm assuming the 45 would have more than enough power for my 72" mower, but anyone have any experience with the 84" mid mount? Any problems with having enough power? How about with a cab and air? Looking for a hydro by the way. Thanks for any help if anyone has any experience with this setup. Just like to make sure I don't run into the same problem if I upgrade to the 45 and 84" mower.

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Well, I don't have a bit of experience with either, but you're talking about increasing your horsepower by about 1/3 and increasing your mowing width by about 1/6. Unless you need to worry about the area under the mower instead of width of the path, it seems it should be okay. Check with the guy who sells the machinery. As for me, a 48" mower is too wide for most of my mowing here in the woods so I scaled down to a 38.
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Back in 2004 when I purchased my TC40D, I ordered it with the 84" mid mount mower however it wasn't compatable with the backhoe subframe mounts, so I ended up with an 84" rear pto mount finish mower. I want to say the mid mount was something close to 800#'s. In hind site, I'd be sure you can drive over it like the Kubota model otherwise I'm sure it would be difficult to wrestle under the tractor. I did see the 84"mmm connected up to the tractor and it looked very stout though. I use my tractor for general property maintenance so implements are changed out very frequently, the rear mower was really the best choice for me.
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Thanks for the replies. I've currently got the 72" mid mount and know what you mean about the weight. If I didn't have a shop floor to store it on it would be just about impossible to hook up. Not too bad dragging it on a smooth floor though.

I'm assuming your TC40 handled the 84" rear mower with no problem? How do you like the tractor overall? Enough power? Just trying to get a general feel on what owner think of thier TC45 or 40. I've read a few post about them being underpowered and just left me with a little concern, especially since I'd like to get one ordered with the factory cab and have hear they can rob about 5hp with the air going. Thanks.

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The 84" mower is no problem for the TC40D and I usually run under the 540 pto rpm. The 40 & 45's are 4 cyl engines so they have more torque than the 3 cyl TC 35's. I believe there are new 48 &55 hp models but the tractor weight goes up, may or may not be an issue for towing depending on your vehicle.
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I tow with a 3/4 ton diesel so no problem on the weight when towing, just maybe the yard, especially with the extra weight of the cab. What brand of mower did you end up with? I didn't see an 84" rear mower on case website. Now you've got me thinking about a rear finish as an option. Sure would be easier on and off.
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I ended up with a Landpride. The rear discharge mower works well distributing the clippings (I use it for a couple of athletic field accounts). It is easier to get closer to chain link fencing and buildings. Takes a little to get used to with the extended swing of the mower when turning, but after a few hours of seat time it's not an issue. Good luck with your decision.